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Advertising is your invitation to your marketplace to visit and shop your store. Let Wallace help you in planning your next promotion.

Through our comprehensive promotional program, retailers can utilize quality customized promotional packages and advertising vehicles.The central element of each promotion is the low-cost advertising, fully flexible circular. Professionally designed, consumer appealing circulars capture attention through colorful product graphics and exceptional merchandise value such as the Bargain of the Month.

Along with the circular, promotional packages include a point-of-sale trim kit complete with theme banners, end-cap signage, shelf talkers, radio scripts, and other point-of-sale tools.

Even with the best of circulars, long-term success depends upon how the customer is treated and what kind of experience they have when visiting your store. Bottom-line, advertising and promotion success depends on a well-defined and executed plan that not only sends out the invitation, i.e. the circular, but also has a store waiting for the customers' arrival.

Advertising with Mspark

Let Mspark show you how to target your advertising based on demographics and personalized marketing goals.

Wallace Hardware has partnered with Mspark to effectively deliver advertising messages to our retailers in non-metropolitan areas. Mspark's long-running success stems from a single premise: to provide measurable results and a solid return on their customer’s marketing investment.

How do they do it? They create unique turnkey solutions for their clients, then target the message to markets and consumers where media options are limited. Whether the medium is print or digital, Mspark provides their customers with immediate, measurable, ROI-driven results.