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Working with over 200 key suppliers, Wallace retailers benefit from a national group-buying program that is customized to their region.

Another 200 vendors also participate in the PRO national purchasing program.An additional group of Wallace key suppliers are used to meet unique trade area needs.This offers you, the retailer, low-cost buying opportunities and sharp competitive pricing from approximately 2,000 vendors.Our group buying power, along with our Easy Start and Partners for Profit programs will increase your sales and profitability and keep you competitive and successful.

Push the Easy Start button

Do you need an update to a department, category, or vendor offering?If so, press the Easy Start button and start your journey to a new look and improved store profitability!

When you partner with Wallace, you have access to best practices in the form of Easy Starts, assortments that reflect Wallace Hardware's top items with discounted pricing, 90 days dating and/or buy-back programs.Looking at the market demographics, assortments are planned and retail pricing adjusted to meet your needs.Each Easy Start is refined against our product movement history to ensure you are receiving our best-selling items within each category along with the ancillary products that complete the assortment.

Easy Start enables you to clean up product categories and presentations in your store.It also helps you update the department's bin tags and review your retail pricing by category and vendor.You essentially are getting a new look with limited investment utilizing products that sell well in your marketplace.

With the Easy Start program, you will receive:

  • Year-round availability.
  • Limited SKU count to get store placement.
  • Refills through the Wallace warehouse.
  • Discounts.
  • One-for-one buy-backs where needed.
  • Extended terms.
  • Electronic spreadsheets with Wallace Hardware EDP numbers.
  • Price and bin tags for the store.
  • PDF Plan-O-Grams.
  • Merchandising assistance when needed.

For a Profitable Retail Store

  • Supportive Distribution Team.
  • Rebates paid annually based on store’s purchasing & payment performance.
  • Customer Service:Need to know?Ask a PRO!
  • Low cost drop-ship programs.
  • Tiered pricing to meet every store’s needs.
  • Shelf pack pricing.
  • Product & assortment planning using Easy Starts.
  • Store design & merchandise presentation with layout & store branding packages.
  • Business plan through Easy ISIP.
  • PRO, Farm Mart & Rental Stop store programs.

For more information, call us at: