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According to industry standards, stores experience more than a 16 percent increase in sales per square foot after implementing a store modernization plan.

The Wallace store modernization program has been helping retailers give their stores a new look for more than 50 years.Experienced retail professionals evaluate the current store, listen to the retailer's goals and suggestions, and then offer recommendations on how to maximize retail effectiveness.Once suggestions have been made, it is you, the retailer, who determines which enhancements to implement based upon your budget.

Merchandise Display Objectives

There is a reason that many consumers are still choosing physical retail locations over anon-line only shopping experience:Senses.Customers want to be able to touch, smell, taste, hear, and see products before they purchase them, and as of now, on-line purchasing options limit consumers to a few of those.Retailers with physical product displays should use this to their advantage and build out merchandising displays to appeal to as many of the senses as possible.

The importance of merchandise displays cannot be overlooked in retail store profitability.Customer buying decisions are greatly influenced by merchandise displays.Customers will ask these questions:

  • Do you carry quality merchandise?
  • Is it a good value?
  • Do you stock the merchandise necessary to complete customer projects?
  • Can the customer find the merchandise he or she is looking for?
  • Does your product line offer good, better, and best choices?
  • Do you utilize cross merchandising?

Proper merchandise displays accomplish the following:

  • Higher store productivity.
  • Greater position in a competitive market.
  • Increased store traffic.
  • Optimized retail selling space.
  • Effective utilization of cross-merchandising.
  • Maximum inventory productivity.
  • Organized store.
  • Visually appealing merchandise.
  • Exciting shopping experience.
  • Profitable, up-to-date merchandise assortments.


Wallace Hardware and The Hillman Group created a partnership in 2001 with a full-line fastener category as well as a key blank and key accessory program and a letters, numbers and signs program.

Through this partnership, Wallace Hardware has grown an average of 30 percent per year within these programs.Today, Hillman supplies Wallace with over 2100 SKU's with total sales of over two million dollars to Wallace Hardware retailers.

The Wallace/Hillman warehouse program, combined with the in-store support of the Hillman sales force has proven to be a winning combination for you, the retailer!

"One key to a new look is developing complete organized departments around a key vendor such as The Hillman Group."

Fasteners head a list second to none in today's hardware marketplace.The fastener selection includes indoor and outdoor construction screws and a complete line of anchors and anchoring devices.The Hillman selection also features keys and key accessories, letters, numbers, signs, and over 2000 specialty items.All of their items meet the needs of both the do-it-yourselfer and professional contractors.

The Hillman product merchadising separates them from the rest of the field.Each of their product lines feature distinctive, eye-catching, informative point-of-sale materials that ensure convenient, simplified product selection for the customer.Header signs, pylons, and color coded packaging also aid in product selection.

Hillman employs the largest factory direct sales force in the hardware industry with over 500 sales and service representatives.Their volume of sales and service reps allow for regular sales calls, ensuring that Wallace customers proper stocking levels and inventory turns.