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Wallace Hardware's affiliation with the PRO Group, Inc. brings a full assortment of hardline products to our dealer base as well as the advantages of services of group association.

The PRO Group is a forward-thinking, international merchandising and marketing consortium dedicated to generating ideas and developing programs for distributor and retail members.It's three divisions, PRO Hardware, FARM♦MART, and Garden Master represent more than three billion dollars in annual buying power.

Wallace Hardware participates in the PRO Hardware and FARM♦MART programs.They follow a similar philosophy and structure and are summarized by six key elements:

  • International Identification
  • Store Modernization
  • Inventory Management
  • Group Purchasing Power
  • Complete Advertising and Promotion
  • Value-Added Services

These programs help position Wallace Hardware dealers as a viable retailer in your individual markets and gives you the tools to compete in an ever-changing retail marketplace.

"When you need to know, ask a PRO!"

For over 60 years, PRO Hardware has continued to provide do-it-yourselfers access to tools, building, electrical and plumbing supplies and much more for almost all of your home improvement and repair projects.Indoor, outdoor, large or small, PRO Hardware stores stock the items you need for seasonal and everyday jobs around the house.

With "Shop Local" as the focus of everything we do, all PRO Hardware stores are dedicated on serving the needs of their local communities. From big to small and everything in between, each PRO Store is tailored to ensure they have the supplies for the job, and the expertise you trust.So when you need to know, ask your local PRO!

"FARM-MART, everyone's farm store!"

FARM♦MART is the local source for all of your farm supply needs. From animal health, feed, seed, and pet supplies, to fencing, farm hardware, and lawn & garden tools, your local FARM♦MART knows what you need and when you need it.

Each of our independently owned locations has a friendly staff dedicated to serving the needs of the community and providing you with an excellent experience every time you visit.We pride ourselves on our expertise and excellent products at great prices.

When you partner with Wallace, you also partner with PRO Hardware & FARM♦MART, two powerful alliancesthat provide:


PRO Hardware and FARM♦MART provide a national network of successful independent hardware and building supply and farm supply stores.Even with a national brand presence, you can still customize programs for your LOCAL market at a price you can afford.


A network of hardware, farm and lawn & garden distributors throughout North America offers $3 billion in combined buying power.


Drive business with fully customizable circulars, points-of-sale kits, bargain of the month promotions, PRO and FARM♦MART websites, email specials, and digital marketing assets.


Endcaps and planograms highlight promotional merchandise to help you sell more.PRO and FARM♦MART exterior and interior signage help customers shop your store more efficiently.


Store uniforms, credit card processing, Rental Stop program, loyalty cards, store fixtures and other services enhance your business and your customer’s experience.


Join other elite PRO and FARM♦MART retailers by supporting these programs and your PRO/Farm Mart distributor to earn your way into the Achievers Club.Compete each year for the National Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award, recognizing the top PRO Retailers.

For more information, call us at:


"While most distributors have focused on private label products to enhance their profit structure, Wallace Hardware has remained committed to supporting national brands."